You Don't Want the Real Walkthrough

This walkthrough covers both the compo and jam versions; the only difference is the second cheat code.

The most important steps are in bold.


Start at the main menu (compo version, jam version). You can't play the game until you read the story. After the third page, you can detour through the cheat code page (which does nothing) or go back to the main menu.

The story is gone, replaced a saved game named SURFACE and a walkthrough for it. The game is just a few lines of text and a link back to the menu; even the lights mentioned in the walkthrough don't work. Win the game? It doesn't even look like there's a way to play.

...but there IS a way to cheat. The example, "code", doesn't do anything, but you can enter different words by typing them directly into your browser's address bar (in lowercase, not UPPER). Hint: the walkthrough may not look helpful, but it DOES contain the correct cheat code. Still stuck? Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the actual codes.

After using the first cheat code, the colors switch from black-on-white to white-on-black. The main menu changes again. The saved game is now named BENEATH, and there's a new walkthrough.

[Up to this point, the error messages, missing text, and broken gameplay have been intentional. Here's where the REAL placeholders start.]

The game has changed too, and there's no link back to the main menu. The lights continue to not work. Your only options are "look around" (which just reloads the page) and "die" (which kills you and sends you back to the main menu). You can also repeat the cheat code. Die three times to advance. The screen will turn red.

The menu has changed again. The saved game is now YOU_FAILED, and it just repeats your last death scene while NPCs laugh. According to the new walkthrough, the narrator got stuck at this point, unable to figure out the cheat code to enable multiple save files.

Guess the right code (or get it from the bottom of this page), and the background changes again. On the main menu, there are TWO saved games and another new walkthrough. The first game is still YOU_FAILED, but the second is a new version of BENEATH with multiple rooms.

Once again, you have to die to continue. Another death scene, another change to the main menu, another walkthrough and save file, DONT_FAIL_AGAIN.

Congratulations, you've reached the end! Don't forget to vote...

Click RESTART if you want to play again.



Scroll down for the cheat codes:

















The first cheat code is "die" or "quit".

The second cheat code is "multi" in the compo version and "beneath" in the jam version.

You can also use "restart" to start over at any time, not just the end.